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Technology Cloud Computing

Internet connection system

Work in real time

Data stored on Cloud Server

Security Personal Web Access

User authentication system

System information is on Hosting

Set access rights for employees

Network Online And Offline

Work via the Internet (Online)

Link to sell products in front of the store And websites with intermediate stock (Online)

Support to create account for Dealer to view products


System details

Technology Cloud Computing

  • The system runs on a web browser ( Google Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox ).
  • Increase sales opportunities for entrepreneurs With help system.
  • Database and various system files Installed on the cloud server at the data center.
  • Access to the system through a private domain name according to the needs of users.
  • Internet connection Can work anywhere Who want to support 3G, 4G, WIFI, LAN CABLE and MULTI-IP.
  • Working as real No need to wait for information updates and supports multiple products.
  • No need to install any additional programs.
  • Suggest your store Through our system.

Security Personal Web Access

  • User authentication system.
  • System administrator Set access rights for employees.
  • The password is encrypted with another layer MD5 to prevent data capture.
  • System information is on the user's personal hosting.
  • Server has been installed Anti Virus and Anti Malware.
  • Server running on Linux operating system and receiving continuous updates.
  • Manage Hosting with Parallel Peak Panel.
  • 3 step backup system.

Network Online and Offline

  • Working via internal network (LAN).
  • Work through the Internet (Online).
  • Link to sell products in front of the store And websites with intermediate stock (Online).
  • Support the creation of accounts for Dealer to view products (Online).
  • Unlimited base of product data.
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Unlimited number of connected machines.
  • Unlimited number of printers.
  • Work without having to install programs both Online and Offine.
  • Work via PC, Notebook, Tablet and Smart Phone.


Suitable for any business
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Multi-brand system
Multi-brand system

Fashion clothing stores, bags, shoes, cosmetics, all the management With GP calculation.

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System to buy and sell
System to buy and sell

Retail stores, mini-mart, department stores, agricultural equipment companies, engine parts, covering all trades Barcode support.

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Gold shop system
Gold shop system

Control the shop Manage all financial matters - tax Every movement report Update prices from automatic associations.

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Other systems and additional development
Other systems and additional development

Financing cold storage products Special learning record Develop on demand.


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First blog

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